Menu Plan, Vegetarian

menu plan: week of July 29

In an effort to try new things and get out of any possible ruts that may be forming in my cooking plans, we are going meatless in our meals this week! I don’t think it will be difficult, it just required a little extra planning, and since I plan out my weekly menu anyways, it wasn’t a big deal. Plus, I’m really excited about the sweet peppers I got for the italian and asian dishes this week! 🙂

frosted mini wheats
whole wheat english muffins
homemade amish cinnamon bread

with fruit, and homemade granola bars

with Bible study (I’m bringing turnovers for dessert)
fettuccine alfredo with grilled veggies
at a friend’s house
veggie stir-fry
boca burgers, baked potatoes, baked beans
with family x2

Note: all meals are meatless except for lunch sandwiches until all the deli meat is gone so as to not be wasteful

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