Chicken, Freezer Friendly, Main Dish

bbq chicken enchiladas

This recipe is a funky version of a favorite meal. These aren't just regular enchiladas, they have a secret weapon of bbq sauce mixed in. That's all it takes to take a [possibly worn out and overused] favorite recipe and spice up your life! Hope you enjoy it!what you'll need:10 whole wheat tortillas 3 boneless, skinless… Continue reading bbq chicken enchiladas

Chicken, Freezer Friendly, Main Dish

buffalo chicken stuffed shells

My husband loves typical stuffed shells (aka cheese and spinach) so I was a little skeptical of what he'd think of these, since they are completely different and have buffalo wing sauce in them. To my pleasant surprise, they were a big hit with him, receiving and "I'd definitely eat them again" reaction. Hooray! :)… Continue reading buffalo chicken stuffed shells