Freezer Friendly, Side Dish, Vegetable

cauliflower fritters

I know, the name itself sounds daunting for some. I mean, cauliflower?! I don't think this vegetable lives on the "top 5 favorite" list of most of us, especially kids. But this recipe could be the turning point for that! I'm not kidding. When Ryan mentioned that he would like to eat more vegetables (and… Continue reading cauliflower fritters

Breakfast, Freezer Friendly

whole wheat waffles

After supper tonight I whipped up a quick batch of these whole wheat waffles, which means that I got to use our brand new, beautiful waffle iron for the first time since we've been married! Needless to say, we don't cook waffles for breakfast very much. But, Eggo waffles are a favorite of ours to… Continue reading whole wheat waffles

Chicken, Freezer Friendly, Main Dish

bbq chicken enchiladas

This recipe is a funky version of a favorite meal. These aren't just regular enchiladas, they have a secret weapon of bbq sauce mixed in. That's all it takes to take a [possibly worn out and overused] favorite recipe and spice up your life! Hope you enjoy it!what you'll need:10 whole wheat tortillas 3 boneless, skinless… Continue reading bbq chicken enchiladas

Chicken, Freezer Friendly, Main Dish

buffalo chicken stuffed shells

My husband loves typical stuffed shells (aka cheese and spinach) so I was a little skeptical of what he'd think of these, since they are completely different and have buffalo wing sauce in them. To my pleasant surprise, they were a big hit with him, receiving and "I'd definitely eat them again" reaction. Hooray! :)… Continue reading buffalo chicken stuffed shells

Freezer Friendly, Lunch, Sandwich

ham and cheese croissant melts

I've never really thought about preparing sandwiches ahead of time to eat later, but this recipe enlightened me. Plus, the croissants hold up really well and the Dijon sauce is just so tasty!what you'll need:2 oz. cream cheese, softened ½ Tbsp. honey Dijon mustard 6 large croissants 6 slices provolone-mozzarella cheese ¾ lb. sliced deli ham how you'll do… Continue reading ham and cheese croissant melts